Wings of the Zephyr
"The name's Claire and I wear the Zephyr Warframe. I'm not much for words, and do prefer to stick to myself, but I am still fairly friendly after you get to know me."

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Claire's story

The Child I Once Was…

It was difficult to find time available in her constant deciphering of Grineer communication lines to have some simple leisure time, and yet on this particular day, the mint green and pink Zephyr had decided that it was about time that she would take a break from deciphering the hoards of data being brought to her by the Lotus and to have some time for herself.

Clad in her own hand-made Orokin styled undersuit and boots, the rookie tended to Lightning, Alex’s new Kubrow, and Thunder’s newest playmate (whom he was actually got along with, quite strange from the seemingly lone Kubrow.) She made sure that Lightning didn’t want to go with her, before taking to Thunder, who was always at her side no matter where she went. Soft smile crossing her face as she took to the Dojo, letting Alex know that she would be out for a walk with her comm device on her should something happen, she parted from the Fenrir.

She took a simple route, moving from one end of the Dojo to the next, only making sure to go to her own personally favorite location in the Dojo, their observatory.

She stepped up the pedestal that would bring her as close as she could get to the vastness of the universe around her. A mere glass wall away from the ever expanding universe, her bright green eyes gazing into the vast opening and sheer beauty of the System. The clouds of expanding gases from left over Supernovas, to the simply tumbling of the asteroids in the Belt, as common as it was to Tenno eyes, there was something truly humbling about it in Claire’s mind. A weak smile forming on her lips as the focus of her eyes suddenly caught glance of the Kubrow at her side, who was sitting and staring out the window with a curiosity that seemed to match her own, before her own reflection caught her attention.


She looked at herself in that glass mirror, translucent was her face and her body, but as she looked an brought a hand up to her face, gently letting a hand trace the distinct blue facial markings that she had, she could only think of how much she had changed. Her attitude, her appearance, her life… all of it had changed.

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On an opposing end of the Dojo, completely unaware of what horror her husband had stumbled into, the mint green and pink Zephyr got a strange chill up her spine. She looked at the wall next to her, where her loyal companion Thunder was lying peacefully under. A flash vision of her beloved Kubrow phasing into the wall blurred into her mind and she instantly shrank back.

She raised a brow for a moment, before shaking her head and returning to her deciphering. “Physics….”

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