Wings of the Zephyr
"The name's Claire and I wear the Zephyr Warframe. I'm not much for words, and do prefer to stick to myself, but I am still fairly friendly after you get to know me."

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Claire's story



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I believe I was tagged by novachanadventures for the 5 mun facts thing. Here it goes.

  1. I’m currently extremely obsessed with Astronomy and considering a major in that field. Though I am training to be a Pharmacy Technician, I feel that Astronomy is more my thing.

  2. I have been roleplaying since I was around 16 years old, though I did take about a two year break.
  3. My favorite Warframes are tied now between Valkyr and Nova, with Valkyr on the rise as my new favorite frame.

  4. I actually have really bad balance issues, a trait that I have sent over to my Zephyr Claire. I am not even kidding when I say that I can be standing perfectly still and just randomly like fall over.
  5. It’s been mentioned by seeeeveral people that I have gorgeous green eyes to the point where people have told me that I can “take a name and break a heart.”

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It’s a Dog Meet Dog World, baby…


Alex just stammered, gawked, and blinked as Claire suddenly disentangled her hand out of his and was in front of the “pastor” in a flash, a suspiciously familiar looking knife in grasp pointed towards the elder as she reamed him out, verbally tearing him several new assholes to breathe out of.

The elder just blinked, legs visibly quivering for moments before he suddenly handed a dark book to the woman at the desk, suddenly speaking at a rate of a million words an hour. “Hey, Julie -“

"It’s Julia," The woman responded without missing a beat.

"Jule-whatever, I think you’ve been working here long enough to go and marry couples yourselves. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change my pants and burn my underwear. Good night!" He squeaked, immediately zipping behind the door he came out of and slamming it behind him, followed by the sound of what seemed to be something along the lines of a dozen locks sliding shut.

"Whatever," The woman apparently named Julia rolled her eyes, throwing the book over her shoulder. "You," She pointed at Alex, "I know you love her to death. The story of how you stormed a Fomorian by yourself to save her isn’t exactly known to nobody, and judging by her reaction to my idiot supervisor, she feels the same way towards you."

She turned to her terminal, inputting a series of commands on the keyboard. “Okay, I’ve already registered you two as married. Now make your vows, kiss, and get out of here and bone, you lovebirds. I’ll go back to modifying my online dating profile and watching videos of Space Corgis. I’m really tired, don’t mind me.”

Alex just nodded blankly, muttering a hushed thanks as he turned to Claire. “I’m not going to lie. That was sweet, thoughtful, and a bit of a turn-on…just one question…where did you get that knife?”

He looked at his hip and lifted the hem of his hoodie and t-shirt to reveal one of his Fang Prime holsters was empty. “Ah,” He mouthed in recognition, slowly taking his knife out of Claire’s grasp and sliding it back into his hip holster, before taking both of her now-empty hands in his.

"I don’t know what else I can say that I haven’t said before. I love you, Claire, and I’m looking forward to growing old with you. I’ve already proven that I’ll sunder both Heaven and Earth to stay by your side. No matter what you’ve been through, and what we’re going to face, I want to face it with you. I don’t care that we’re doing it in our pajamas, at 4 in the morning, with only a tired administrator as a witness. This is the happiest moment of my life." He produced a small velvet box out of his hoodie pocket, revealing a pair of matching rings with what seemed to be a pair of matching silver rings with what looked like intertwining vines across their surface. One had a series of faint, glowing blue, mint green, and pink vines stretching across the surface, and the other had black and crimson across theirs.

Alex slid the blue, green and pink one onto Claire’s ring finger, replacing his previous short-lived engagement ring, giving her a moment to slide his matching black and red ring onto his own ring finger before he placed his hands on her hips and leaned in for their first kiss as husband and wife.

The silence that followed Claire’s short-lived speech to the would be pastor was a deafening one, as she stared directly into the elder looking Tenno’s eyes, a feeling of annoyance burning so deeply in her eyes that it had struck some true fear into the man, as he turned his head over his shoulder, telling the woman at the desk to take over the marriage proceeding so that he could change his pants and burn his underwear. A sentiment that Claire could have gone the rest of the night without hearing.

She rolled her eyes softly, before turning back to Alex’s side as Julia simply tossed the book meant to marry the two Tenno in front of her over her shoulder. She spouted out a series of words, speaking boldly and openly about how Alex obviously cared about her, having heard of his storm on the Fomorian to get her back, and that based on her reaction to the elder, Claire obviously felt the same way.

A nod of her head was all that followed, as Julia took a few seconds to type a few things into the computer, registering them as a married couple, before telling them to go on and get out of there and do their own thing.

Claire stared at the woman for a few seconds, before turning back to look at Alex as he smiled and told he how her short speech was thoughtful and sweet, and apparently a slight turn-on. That simple comment was met with a blank reaction, as she crossed her arms and let her fingers tap against her arm. She was about to respond to his question before he moved his hoodie, revealing one of his Fang Primes t to have gone missing, which she quickly returned to its holster before looking back up to Alex.

A different sensation, that of a deep love, was now apparent in Claire’s eyes as her dear lover, no…her now husband, began to speak his ‘vows.’ A sweet and innocent smile appearing on her face with every word that rolled off of his tongue and into her cheeks. The sheer sincerity of his words, the poetry of his pure love for her was enough to make her emotional. Her eyes welled with water, thinking of how she had never predicted this moment would ever come to pass in her life time. As soon as Alex was finished with his words, and began to fumble with the velvet box, containing their wedding rings, specially made to their own custom colors. She stayed silent until he slid the ring on her finger, before she took his own ring and slide it onto his finger.

She held him at pause for a moment, her lips parting to speak. “I’m not good with words, never have been and probably never will….and yet, you still manage to put up with me calling you a dork and a little shit like it is so sweet to even hear those things come out of my mouth. Though I might not always say it as often as you do, I love you Alex…You are the Sun and the stars themselves, shining like a beacon to keep the dark at bay. You’ve been that mountain to protect me, and I’ve never been so happy to say the words “I do” at your side.”

Her speech was short-lived, and as soon as she had finished, Alex had moved his hands to her hips, before leaning his head into hers, allowing their lips to kiss and to ignite their first kiss, as husband and wife.

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It’s a Dog Meet Dog World, baby…


Alex just smiled, holding Claire’s hand in his tightly as they left the walls of the Fenrir and wove through the hallways of the fortress, following the directions towards the Administration Desk. His spirits were lifted and his heart was soaring as he guided his lover towards the admin area.

When the doors to the office slid open, it was practically a ghost town, with only one terminal being manned at the moment, by a sleepy-eyed Tenno in an undersuit, surrounded by cans of energy drinks and with deep bags under her eyes. She blinked and rubbed some sleep out of her eyes, looking up at the two of them as she nodded, not needing to ask what their business was as she noticed the two of them holding hands as Alex and Claire walked in.

The woman spun around in her chair and hollered back. “Two of them! Marriage! They seem sober to me!” She turned back to face the Rhino and Zephyr and put on a half-hearted, tired grin.

"How can I help you? I presume you’re here to get married…and — holy shit, Alex? You’re getting married!?" The woman immediately pulled up his files, "And that would mean you must be Claire…" She immediately pulled up the Zephyr’s file as well.

The door to the back office and an older man walked out, holding a book in his hands, rubbing sleep out of his eyes, but he was instantly alert when he accusingly pointed a finger towards Alex.

"You dirty old man! You should know better, you’re a few thousand years old and she’s what…" He peered at Claire’s personnel file on the admin assistant’s screen, "20! You dirty pervert! Taking advantage of an impressionable young lady such as her! She’s such a pretty girl and she’s getting married to you? You must be blackmailing her or something! I refuse to wed the two of you!"

Alex just blinked, staring blankly at what just transpired.


Claire followed Alex’s every move through out the dojo, their hands interlocking and keeping the two inseparable from one another.  Though she had been graciously accepted and welcomed into this dojo, the Zephyr user had barely found the time to explore the Dojo beyond the market area where a majority of other Tenno went to buy and trade their own goods. The location of this administration desk was in quite a peculiar place as Alex lead her through what seemed like a series of hallways and doors, before finally they arrived to a desk, where a lone woman sat.

She stood beside Alex, almost sheepishly, before the woman had automatically guessed they were there to get registered as a married couple, also commenting on how they looked to be sober. That was rewarded with a soft tilt of her head, though when the nurse commented on who Alex was, she only looked to her lover in question for a moment, before shrugging her shoulders, figuring that the legendary war veteran from the Sentient War no doubt had been recognized around the Dojo.

A tired yawn left Claire’s lips, before the sudden announcement of this older looking Tenno, who began to call Alex a dirty and perverted old man for dating Claire. She looked back at Alex, who was completely dumbfounded, and then shifted back to the elder Tenno, who was now refusing to marry them for that simple fact.

Claire’s reaction was a mere blank stare, before she very suddenly appeared right in front of the elder Tenno, bearing one of Alex’s Fang Prime’s in her hand as she pointed the knife towards the would be “pastor.”

You have no right to judge who he dates and wishes to marry. He was in cryostatsis which forces your body into a non-aging sleep state, you know this shit yourself. He’s physically only three years older than me.  Do yourself a favor and after you marry us, go to bed, your lack of rest has left you blind to obvious facts. Also, if you ya know, value your life at all, you will marry us.”

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It’s a Dog Meet Dog World, baby…


Alex just smiled to himself, grinning ear to ear like the happiest, dorkiest idiot in the world as Claire sauntered over to the bathroom, and he heard the sound of a perfume bottle being sprayed as she gave herself a light dousing of the strawberrry-scented fragrance, before slipping on a pair of comfortable slip-ons.

He threw on a shoulder holster carrying his Sicarius Prime inside, and slipped on a hip holster holding his two Fang Primes, covering both weapons with a baggy black hoodie. He looked at Claire and shrugged sheepishly.

Didn’t hurt to be prepared, right?

He smiled, walking up to his bride-to-be as she ruffled her brown and black layers, gently taking her hand in his, softly interlacing their fingers together as he clasped it firmly.

"Ready to go?"

Claire nodded her head as Alex came over to her side as soon as she had stepped out of the bathroom. Their hands connecting in a delicate grasp, fingers interlacing and binding their bodies together as she looked over to him with a soft smile on her face. She would simply have to make do with how terrible her hair looked for the moment.

A heavy sigh leaving her chest, as she contemplated on the simple fact that here in a few moments, she would be considered a married woman. In her life, there had been so much tragedy, so much loss…the mere concept of finding a happiness such as this one, finding somebody with whom she planned to spend the rest of her life with, it was quite honestly a barely feasible idea in her mind, and yet, in this moment, with everything that had happened to her…Claire couldn’t imagine anything else in the entire universe that she wanted more.

She nodded her head in response to Alex’s question, “Yup,” was the simple response she gave, and upon him starting the way, she followed as the two made their way out of the Fenrir and to this so called “administration” desk where they could get legally registered as a married couple. Quite a strange thing…Claire didn’t even know this “administration desk” even existed.

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That’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh), I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh)





That’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh), I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh)

It’s a Dog Meet Dog World, baby…


Alex just nodded his head dumbly in response to Claire asking him if he actually wanted her to go with him to the admin desk at 4 AM to get married this instant. Of course he was serious about going right this instant.

If he wasn’t, why would he ask?

He was about to tell her this when he was suddenly met by a vicious poke to the midsection, accompanied with an admonishment as well as the firm statement that he would not be using Shiny as an attack fish. He took a moment to rub his abdomen tenderly after Claire poked him, and nodded while wincing as she said she didn’t have any objections to going other than that she might want to change her clothes.

"Let’s just go like this…we don’t really need anything fancy, do we?" He gestured down, as if asking if going in the sweatpants and t-shirt he slept in was acceptable, considering the circumstances behind their upcoming wedding to be.

Claire just stared at Alex for a moment, her face completely blank and without expression as he confirmed that he was indeed meaning for the two of them to go to get registered as a married couple right then and there, throwing their appearance and clothing to a worry free zone. The Zephyr was going to raise a finger to object to his idea, though after thinking about it for a few minutes, she also saw the sense behind his choice.

Sure, why not.” She spoke in a soft tone of voice, before gently standing up from the floor, freeing her back and shoulder blades of the pain of the position she had been sitting in for a majority of the time since she had escaped the ward. She gave a big stretch of her arms, before Thunder gave a soft bark, moving over to her side, where she idly laid her hand down for him to gently and affectionately nuzzle against.

A smile appearing on her lips as she did so, she moved over to the bathroom, stepping in and spraying herself with some of her strawberry perfume so that she didn’t smell like three week old unwashed clothes, and put on a simple pair of slip on tennis shoes.

The Zephyr turned to Alex, ruffling the messy layers of her black and brown toned hair, waiting for Alex to come to her side so that they could move on with the “wedding.”

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It’s a Dog Meet Dog World, baby…


Alex grinned as Thunder looked around in a nervous fashion upon being told that he could possibly be the ringbearer. “Chill out boy, I’m kidding,” He joked, reaching over and affectionately giving the dark kubrow a scratch behind the ears.

Alex just stared at Claire for a moment, thinking deeply as she told him that she didn’t need a big ceremony, or a cake, and would rather a small private one. The Rhino just scratched his chin for a moment before he opened his mouth to speak again.

"…Want to go now? There’s always at least one person manning the admin desk at this time. They can totally register us as married…right? And if they refuse, we’ll just send Shiny at them."

Alex pointedly ignored the betta fish flaring at him the moment he dropped his name.

Claire was once again dumbfounded as Alex questioned if she wanted to go on ahead and get married right then and there, as there would more than likely be somebody manning the administration desk to declare them married. At first she reeled her head back, giving him a completely strange and awkward look.

You’re asking me to go to the admin desk at four A.M. so that we can get married literally right this instant?” She questioned for a moment, before Alex mentioned they could just send Shiny at the person if they refused.

You aren’t sending my fish anywhere!” She responded back with a firm poke to Alex’s midsection. “Though I guess I really don’t have any objections, other than I might need to at least change these clothes…I smell like I have not showered in days…”

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